Seville is in fact the last step of a trip I started in Porto. I was here for 4 days, including my birthday. I met here a lot of friends to party with, and enjoy the sun, the tapas and the spanish way of life.


In Seville, Andalousia, you can see the influence of the arabic style in the buildings, like the form of the windows above.


I had few days to relax before to go back to work in Paris. What is better than a roof top, with cofas, hammocks and even…a jacuzzi!


Plaza de Espana. A bright orange for this big square.


Sketches along the way…


The golden tower. On my drawing, it seems that the tower is falling to the right, the building on the top seems to be too heavy… Proportions as well are wrong! Anyway, you can see the sunny yellow of the stones.