Portugal? Decidedly a nice place to be in October, when it starts to be cold in the North of Europe. I visited this country during almost three weeks with Australian friends.


Everybody knows the Eiffel tower, but Eiffel the architect also designed a famous bridge in Porto. I like to draw bridges, and I didn’t do an exception with this one.


I just stayed 3 days in Porto, but I had my habits in a café, in front of this bright yellow hotel. Carlos, the waiter, gave me here some tips about Portugal. I experienced to go out on friday and saturday nights: let me tell you that Portuguese people know how to party! I had great time in bars and clubs, with adorable local people.


A student city full of life! Look at this church, lost in some university buildings, near the literature faculty.


My hostel was just on a square of this cathedral, whom I forget the name… to many churches…



Coimbra really inspired me, the atmosphere was festive and colorful.


Coimbra is built on a mount, the sketch above shiws the building on the top, part of the university.


I left my hostel in Coimbra under the rain, 4 Brazilian people dropped me to the bus station: let’s go to Tomar! A small and medieval city.


It was easy to arrive in Tomar, but not easy to leave.My bus was cancelled, I had to wait a lot, so I drew the sketch above, my pencils followed my mind… Next, it’s the ancient elevator of Lisbon.


Lisbon: I like the streets going up and down, the colors of the houses, the sky reflecting in the windows.


I need I think 2 hours to draw and put colors on the sketch above. I used to do sketches from 20 to 45 minutes, but…look at all the windows, the details of this castle, in the city center of Lisbon! I really like all the lines it has.



Same drawing style for 2 buildings with different uses: the cathedral of Bélem and a ceramic factory in Aveiro.


Lagos. I had the feeling I was there in summer time…at the end of October! The sun gives amazing colors to the cliffs.