Cambodia is the last country I visited in my south-east Asia trip in 2013. I crossed the border between Laso with an American traveler: Austin. Austin and Faustine traveling together, this could be the title of a children book!



We arrived in Kratie. Koh Trong is a small island in the Mekong face to Kratie. We did here a bicycle tour with 2 Canadian people and an Australian, all around the island.


In July, the Mekong is dirty because of the rainy season, and its level is high. I could see the dolphins in the river, but they are moving too fast to be drawn!


Siem Reap.

“Have you seen the sunrise in Angkor Wat? It’s amazing!”. …I’m sure it is. But I’m not a morning person, so twice my alarm rang to wake me up, and twice, know.

Anyway, I enjoy the temples, and I had a great guide: Francesco, from Portugal! I didn’t draw a lot, because of the rain. I was wet enough on my bicycle and saved my sketchbook from water.


Between showers, I did some quick sketches.


Angkor Wat.


Austin broke his bicyle. The time he fixed it helped by a nice local family, I draw the sketch above, and the children of the family some others. Cambodian people are so friendly and always smiling!


Angkor Wat. It’s also written in Khmer, if you can read it!


I staid few days in Koh Rong, with my friend Magdalena.


I had in Koh Rong an injury in my leg. Lucky me, on the boat to the continent to find an hospital, I met 2 French doctors!



With Magdalena, we rent a motorbike to be lost in the countryside. Above is the lake where we spent a night, and below it’s the view of the house where a lovely Cambodian granny host us for lunch with her grand son.
A magical souvenir.


Of course, I was sad when I moved from Battambang to Bangkok, to take a flucht back home.
All the souvenirs I have in south-east Asia, all the people I met, all I discovered about open my mind and also about myself… It was the first time I traveled on my own, but for sure not the last. Travels changed me, in a good way. Travelers will know…! :-)